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YOUR BEST YOU. Defining your dream is personal to you. It doesn't have to include Kilimanjaro or discovering a long-awaited cure. One of my clients defined her dream and thought, "well, this isn't very grand." She seemed disappointed that there was nothing epic or record-breaking. I rephrased the question.
WHAT'S A LIFE COACH? As a life coach, I work with groups and individuals to set personal and professional goals then help you get from where you are to where you want to be! While a therapist may rehash your history to discover how you became who you are, a life coach meets you where you are today and helps you move forward.
AFFIRMATION. You are capable of controlling your own thoughts and beliefs. Negative self-talk is toxic. If you'd like to cultivate or manifest what you want, create a succinct articulate thought- an affirmation. An affirmation is a statement of intention describing what you want in your life.
FEAR. Fear. Oh, fear, how you have kept me safe and warm in my predictable little bubble. As you begin to create a life you love, you may experience twinges of fear. Lean into it! Don't back away! Every twinge of fear is you flirting with the edges of your comfort zone.
DEFINE YOUR DREAM. I invite you to look beyond your current conditions and circumstances and imagine, for a moment, what you would love? Pay attention to what you'd like to integrate and eliminate- what do you want more of and less of? Consider your health, relationships, financial freedom, and career.
BABY STEPS. You are in the midst of defining or creating a life you'd love. Start where you are with what you have. You are responsible for you. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the ultimate goal, ask yourself, "What's the one thing I can do today to take a step in the direction of my dream?"
MANIFESTING. We are all capable of manifesting what our heart's desire. You can bring something from your imagination into reality. Last summer I had some updates made to my kitchen and bedroom. As the story goes, it took longer than anticipated and went far beyond the budget.
EVERYTHING IS CREATED TWICE. Everything is created twice. It is first a thought before it's a thing. This coffee mug was created in someone's mind before it came into physical form. Your morning newspaper was an idea or a thought before it became everyday media.
GIVE & RECEIVE. Because energy grows where energy goes, give freely to others what you are seeking for yourself. If you are seeking love, compassion, and kindness then freely give away love, compassion, and kindness to others. If you want attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation.
TEST YOUR DREAM. You deserve to be your best self! After you have created a phenomenal, magic-wand, ideal, dream life you can confirm if your dream is worthy of you. (You are already worthy of it!) Imagine your perfect health, relationships, financial freedom, and career. Let's test your dream with these five questions: 1.

QUALITY OF QUESTIONS. The quality of our life is a direct reflection of the quality of questions we ask. If you are asking small, fear-based questions, you will get small, fear-based answers. For example, “How will I pay my bills this month?” That question is riddled with scarcity and lack. There is no opportunity for creativity or movement. Ask a different question about money. Ask big, expansive, creative questions. Perhaps, “How could I travel to St. Thomas this winter and make $15,000 while I’m there?” Suddenly I’m considering options and resources. Shift your thinking from limit and lack to creativity and abundance. We live in a universe with unlimited creativity, potential, and opportunity. Come from that place when you ask your questions.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND WORDS. There are a few things to consider when you are defining your ideal life, or your dream. First, use language that defines what you do want, not what you don't want. These are approach goals vs. avoidance goals. For example, live in physical comfort (approaching) vs.



I am so excited for you to be on the journey towards the life of your DREAMS!

I've seen clients turn their health around, get promotions, get excited to look at their bank accounts, and (re)discover love -- from the deepest SELF-LOVE to celebratory romantic love. 

You're getting started where we all get started: defining our dreams.

Once we identify specifically what we want to invite in, we begin to shift in ways that make it happen. 

Let's get started!