How to get off the Hot Mess Express in 2018

Years ago, a woman with two young children came to me during her frustrating and painful divorce. Her time, finances, emotions and space were all compromised. Every task felt monumental and she was ready for change.

She showed up and introduced herself, “Hot Mess Express (choo choo!), coming through!” At least she hadn’t lost her sense of humor!

This overwhelmed mom was so hyper-focused on the problem- the struggle, lack and disappointment- she thought she didn’t have time to consider what she actually wanted.

During our work together she shifted from the problem to the solution.

She identified the ideal relationship she wanted with her children and her ex-husband. She began to create, in her mind, the type of living situation that would be conducive for her family to thrive.

You know what happened next?

Once she became clear about what she desired, creative opportunities presented themselves, people showed up, and ideal situations fell into her lap.

For months she texted me, “You’ll never believe what just happened!”

But I did believe her, every time, because she was making it all happen.

A year later she was ready to date. Again, I encouraged her to list the attributes she desired. I asked, “What does your Prince Charming have to offer?”

She set her intention and met a wonderful man who matches her desires –literally everything on her list.

This story may sound a little too woo-woo life coachy. I get it. Yet, I’m here to tell you when you’re ready for it, you can have, do, be, give and create ANYTHING you desire. Your life is totally up to you!


Amy Fukuizumi