Livin' the Dream

It has been said that some people live ninety years while others live one year ninety times. The difference is living a life by design or by default. Living a life by design means deciding upon a life you desire and making it happen. Everyone has the capacity to create a life they would love living. When asked, the majority of people can’t answer the question “What is your dream?” People tend to think about what is possible based on what they have right now- their current circumstances. Instead, we can reorient our thinking and explore possibilities and opportunities with our infinite creativity.

We have been trained to look at our current conditions and circumstance to make decisions. That limited perspective tends to keep us small and sometimes feeling stuck or in a rut. Fortunately, we can use our imagination and intuition to create a life that will bring us the true happiness we deserve.

In order to create a life you would love, you must change your thoughts with an easy two-step process. First, release your condition-based thinking. Don’t allow your circumstances to dictate how you live. This is especially detrimental if you focus on what you don’t want. Whatever you focus your thoughts on, regardless of it is what you do or don’t want, you will bring about those circumstances. The second step is to focus on what you do want to create, regardless of conditions. Take time to consider what you would love.

What is your dream? The best place to start is identifying your longings and discontent. What do you want to integrate into your life? Are you seeking bigger or better in the areas of relationships, health, career, or financial freedom? Are there aspects of your life you’d prefer to minimize or eliminate?

Everything is a thought before it becomes a thing. The newspaper you are reading was a thought before it was a thing. The coffee mug you may be holding was a thought before it was a thing. Someone created it in his or her mind before it was actualized. The same is true for you. Define and design your dream- name it, write it down, imagine living that life.

You are the author of your story. The past or present doesn’t dictate the future. Allow yourself to explore possibilities; fill your mind with what you would love to have and be and do. Then ask yourself, what is the one thing I can do today to support my dream? The power within us is far greater than any condition or circumstance that surrounds us. Cheers to your dream!

Amy Fukuizumi